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School Uniform and Personal Grooming

Hair Style
• Students should keep their hair tidy and natural. The hair length should be above the eyebrows (front), ears (side) and shirt collar (back). The sideburns should not be beyond the ear lobes.
• Students are not allowed to tint or perm their hair. They should not use excessive gel/clay/mousse to create an unnatural hair style.

• The shirt must be plain white with a hard collar showing no brand name or logo.
• The summer uniform is short-sleeved and the winter uniform is long-sleeved.
• The shirt tails must be tucked in.
• The undershirt must be plain white.

School Badge and School Tie

• A metal school badge and a school tie (according to the colours of their Houses) must be worn with the plain white shirt.

Other Badges
• The badges to be worn with the school uniform must be approved by the school.

• The trousers should be plain grey, long and straight-legged with no brand name or logo shown.
• The colour should meet the school standard.
• The length should not be longer than the heel of each shoe.

Belt, Socks & Shoes
• The belt should be black in colour with no brand name or logo shown on the belt or the buckle.
• The socks should be black in colour with no brand name or logo shown.
• The length of the socks should be above the ankle.
• The shoes should be black leather shoes with simple design and no ornament shown.
• Boots are not allowed.
• Sports shoes are only permitted during P.E. lessons and sporting events.

• The sweater is V-necked and navy blue in colour, It can be worn as part of the summer or winter school uniform.

School Blazer
• The school blazer is part of the winter school uniform and must be worn in the school assembly.
• The school blazer is navy blue in colour, with the winter school badge sewn on the left chest pocket.

School Winter Jacket
• The School Winter Jacket is navy blue in colour, with “TAK SUN” sewn on the left chest. It may be worn on top, or instead of the Sweater. It is part of the winter school uniform, but the purchase of it is not compulsory.
• If the weather is cold, students can wear the School Winter Jacket or the School Winter Jacket with the Sweater. Other types of overcoat or jacket are NOT allowed.

Scarf and Gloves

• Students may wear scarf and gloves together with their full winter school uniform. They should be in black, dark grey or blue.

School Sports Uniform

• The School Sports uniform (according to the colour of their Houses) is to be worn during P.E. lessons and specified school events.
• Sports shoes and plain black shorts must be worn.
• School sports jackets and long plain black sports trousers is optional for students to keep themselves warm in winter time.

• The frame design and colours should be simple and appropriate. Coloured lens are not allowed. Students should avoid trendy and brightly coloured frames.

• Students should not wear any jewellery, such as earrings, rings or bracelets.