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We aim to provide a demanding balanced whole person formation to students. Following the principles of the Curriculum Reform, our curriculum offers students learning experiences in six aspects (moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual) of fulfilment in and out of the campus. Highlights of our programmes are as follows:

•  Rigorous curriculum design that builds up students' foundation in the junior years, and equips them to work towards a successful Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE)

•  Holistic approach to use English as the medium of instruction and communication in school with a total immersion environment

•  Integration of out-of-campus learning experience in subject teaching and learning through the Activity Week Experience (AWE) Programme

•  Enhanced moral and civic education programme that helps form students' character, with special curriculum design and personal tutoring for effectiveness

•  Integral approach to co-curricular activities in which students can learn virtues and values besides skills and knowledge content, through the upgrading of One Student One Sport/Service and Art (OSOSA) Programme

•  Comprehensive guidance programme that takes care of the needs of individual students, aligning the contributions from personal tutors, discipline teachers and the school social worker

•  Systematic approach to parenting formation that helps parents realize their roles as the primary educators of their children and succeed in the upbringing of their children, through seminars and workshops

•  Systematic approach to teacher formation that helps teachers develop their professionalism

•  A limited number of students in each class to allow students to benefit from small-class teaching and learning

Our school motto is "Joy in Duty". Together with the parents and the community, our teachers will strive to provide a joyful and quality educational experience for our students that will last their life time and beyond.