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School Social Work Service


The school social work service in our school is provided by The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong.

Aim of School Social Work Service

  • To facilitate student to acquire balanced development from the education process;
  • To enlighten students and to help them establish a proper code of values;
  • To assist students in facing and solving problems, thus enabling them to acquire a richer and happier school life


  • Casework Services
    • School social workers help students overcome their difficulties in school and family, such as emotional, behavioral, relationship and academic problem, etc.
  • Groupwork Services
    • Through the use of small groups, school social workers help students establish a better understanding of themselves, develop their own potential and deal with their developmental tasks more adequately.
  • Educational Programmes
    • Schools social workers also organize various types of educational programmes with aims of increasing students' self-confidence, and building up a set of positive values and attitudes towards life.
  • Enquiry Service
    • School social workers answer enquiries from students, teachers and parents by providing them with the appropriate information and advice.

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