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Our Vision

Our school is founded on Catholic Christian values with an aim to offer a whole person education to students. Our holistic educational approach encompasses the intellectual, moral, aesthetic, physical, social and spiritual components. We envision students trained in life-long learning and become men of character, building their lives on a platform of values and virtues, characterized by clarity of thought and direction (prudence), steadfast will (fortitude), self-mastery (temperance), and a selfless desire to serve the common good of society (justice), cultivated in an atmosphere of optimism and joy.

Our vision calls for greater involvement of parents in the education of their children, through a partnership where the parents also grow and become better parents through parent education, a vision we share with other schools of the same inspiration all over the globe.

Our Mission

Inspired by Catholic Christian ideals, we provide a demanding, balanced formation to our students so that they accomplish their full potential, as well as grow to be upright and responsible men, developing all their talents in a spirit of service to others. We strive to strengthen and unite the family, enabling parents to exercise their duties as primary educators of their children, with the school and the community as their active partners.