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(CLASS OF 2025)


Admission Timeline
• Application Period: from 17 November 2018 to 5 January 2019, 12:30 pm
(Deadline for online application is 6 January 2019, 11:59 pm; Deadline for paying registration fee is 7 January 2019, 11:59 pm)
• Interview Date: 12 January 2019 (Saturday)
• Announcement of Results: 23 January 2019 (Wednesday) afternoon
Basic Requirements
• Passes in English, Chinese, Mathematics and the overall average
• Grade B or above in conduct
Required Documents
• Completed Application Form (including recent photos of students and parents)
• Photocopy of applicant's Hong Kong Identity Card
• Photocopy of Education Bureau Secondary School Places Allocation Primary 6 Student Record Form
• Photocopy of Education Bureau Secondary School Places Allocation Admission Slip (for applications in July)
• Photocopies of school reports in the last 2 years (P5 and P6)
• Photocopies of records of extra-curricular activities and academic awards
• Photocopy of baptism certificate (if applicant is Catholic)
• Photocopies of brother / sister birth certificates (applicable to family grant only)
• Photocopies of CSSA / SFAA documents (applicable to progress grant and textbook sponsorship only)
• Application fee of HK$50 (Please follow the instructions of Interview Notice and pay at the designated convenience store)
Reminder for Interview
• Please bring the Interview Notice (You are adviced to print a copy if you apply online)
• Please submit original copies of the relevant documents
• Please bring the P5 and P6 student handbooks
• Both parents are recommended to attend
• Please arrive 15 minutes before the interview time
Interview items
• Part A: Academic Performance and Competency in English and Chinese (about 60%)
• Part B: Extra-curricular Activities and Other Learning Experiences (about 20%)
• Part C: Conduct and Parental Support (about 15%)
• Part D: Connection to the School (about 5%)
Form 1 School Fee
HK$22,000 (10 installments of HK$2,200 monthly)
Scholarships and Grants
The purpose of Scholarships and Grants is to encourage our students to work towards excellence in their formation in different categories and to provide financial assistance to those who are in need and who demonstrate substantial progress academically.
There are two types of Scholarships:
a. Potential Development Scholarship (for new Form 1 students only)
  Six year Full Scholarship AND $20,000 subsidy for Activity Week Experience (AWE) Programme
  Excellent grades in core subjects and the conduct grade should be B+ or above
  Continuation of the Scholarship depends on his maintaining satisfactory academic standards
b. Sportsman and Musician Scholarship
  One-year, renewable Full or Half school fee subsidy
  Representing Hong Kong or recognized Hong Kong sports/musical organizations in national or international competitions/performances. Relevant supporting documents are required.
There are three types of Grants:
a. Grant for Brother Scheme (for new students only)
  Half reduction in school fee
  Incoming new students who have a brother paying full school fee
b. Progress Grant and AWE Grant
  One-year, Full or Half school fee subsidy and AWE subsidy
  Students who need financial assistance
  Copies of Eligibility Certificate issued by the Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency and/or Letter of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance issued by the Social Welfare Department are required.
c. Family Grant (for new Form 1 students only)
  One-year, Full or Half school fee subsidy
  During a year of assessment, maintain THREE or more unmarried child, who were under 18 years old; or over 18 but under 25 years old, and receiving full time education; or over 18 years old and was, because of physical or mental disability, unable to work
This application must be submitted to the School together with the admission application. Other information regarding Scholarships, Grants and Awards can be found from the School website: www.tsss.edu.hk -> Students -> Scholarships and Grants

  F1 Application Form

  F1 Application Reminder (for 2019 admission)

For students who are interested in applying for admission to Form 2 to Form 6, please send a letter addressed to the Principal (stating the Form they would like to apply for and the contact phone number) enclosing copies of the following relevant documents:
  - Copies of School Reports in the last 2 years
  - Copy of applicant's Hong Kong Identity Card
  - 1 recent photo of applicant
  - Copy of Baptism Certificate (only for Catholics)
  - Proof of extra-curricular activities and performance (if any)
  - Copies of Public Examination Results (if any)
If vacancies are available, suitable candidates will be invited for interviews.