Form One Admission Information

Application Procedure

Application Result


Basic Requirements
  • Passes in English, Chinese, Mathematics and the overall average
  • Grade B or above in conduct

Required Documents
  • Completed Application Form (including recent photos of student)

Photocopies of Required Documents
  • Applicant's Hong Kong Identity Card
  • Education Bureau Secondary School Places Allocation Primary 6 Student Record Form
  • Education Bureau Secondary School Places Allocation Admission Slip (for applications in July)
  • School reports in the last 2 years (P5 and P6)
  • Records of extra-curricular activities and academic awards
  • Baptism certificate (if applicant is Catholic)
  • Brother / Sister birth certificates (applicable to family grant only)
  • CSSA / SFAA documents (applicable to progress grant and textbook sponsorship only)

Application fee
  • HK$50 (via FPS轉數快 QR code with Mobile Banking App)

Form 1 School Fee
  • HK$22,000 (10 installments of HK$2,200 monthly)

School Information Booklet

School Information Video

(1) Education Philosophy of
      Tak Sun Secondary School

(2) TSSS Elearning

(3) TSSS STEM Education

(4) TSSS Activity Week
      Experience Programme (AWE)

(5) TSSS Tutoring

(6) TSSS
     Cocurricular Activities

(7) TSSS Counselling
(8) Alumni Sharing
(9) TSSS Parents Sharing

Scholarships and Grants

Application for 2023-24 Admission (F2-F5) 二三 /二四年度中二至中五級插班生入學申請

Application Form (PDF)