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Our vision calls for offering our students a whole person education, which means providing them with formation for helping them be men of character and building their lives on a platform of values and virtues.

Through the development of virtues, students will get hold of a moral direction for guiding them through the challenges of life, with the courage, justice, clarity of thought and self-mastery to take up responsibilities and overcome difficulties. To this end, we offer a variety of programmes.

Virtues Programme

We respect the traditional culture and extol benevolence ( ), justice ( q ), rites ( § ), wisdom ( ) and trust ( H ) in our Virtues Programme. We name our classes after these virtues, and incorporate them in the school curriculum, co-curricular activities and talks in the assemblies.

Civic Education

We offer a range of activities that develop students ' civic-mindedness and sense of citizenship, enabling them to have a broader prospective in serving the others and our mother country. The activities include:

E Supporting the Poor in China Programme
E Uniform Groups
E Social Service Scheme
E National Identity Education