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It is our aim to help students grow into Christian Gentlemen with a Global Outlook, who could become leaders with a spirit of service to others. Our programmes will focus on equipping our students with the necessary life-long skills, values and attitudes that allow them to interact effectively with their peers, with society and nation, and with the world community.

Uniform Groups

The programme trains our students to learn self-discipline, teamwork, respect for others, fairness, responsibility, citizenship, leadership, and to be able to serve others.

ĦE St. John Ambulance Brigade

ĦE Red Cross

ĦE Sea Cadets

ĦE Scouts

ĦE Junior Police Call

Each secondary student is required to join ONE of the above uniform groups and receive training for at least one year. Their further training may qualify them to be leaders and instructors. All members have opportunities in joining Hong Kong wide activities and programmes of the respective uniform groups.