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We believe a quality education that can best serve the students and parents should come from a sound school philosophy and spirit, and be demonstrated in the quality of its graduates. We envision providing a whole person education to students that groom them into upright and responsible persons, developing their full talents with a spirit of service to others. These young men will bear the hallmark of "Christian Gentlemen with a Global Outlook".

Character Platform

Students have the chance to develop a character platform of virtues that enables them to succeed in their career, profession, family and social life, and their relationship with God. These fine young men will be able to change the world by being a good citizen, a good employee or employer, a good son, a good husband and a good father. They will cherish the Christian virtue of charity.

Global Outlook

Tak Sun students learn to develop a global outlook. The qualities we want to nurture in students should prepare them for the future and the needs of a changing world that is undergoing rapid globalization. Good communication skill is a key to success in such an environment. Proficiency in a common world language, English, and Putonghua, vital to our communication with our Motherland, is an important indicator of this global outlook.

Development of Full Potentials

To look global means the need to develop all potentials within a student or to develop his multiple-intelligence. We trust students could add value to their different talents when they are given a chance and proper guidance. Students would acquire diversified knowledge, skills and values to cope with the challenges of a complicated world.

Parents as Primary Educators

We treasure parents as the primary educators of their children. They are our close partners in the education process. Our teachers work hand in hand with them for their children's whole person development. They will monitor the performances of the students closely in a caring culture, through the Formation Levels up the learning ladder.