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Students take 4 core subjects and 2 or 3 elective subjects for the HKDSE examination. In order to meet the challenges of Chinese Language and Liberal Studies, we adopt an effective grouping approach to reduce the class size so that students can learn in a more interactive manner.

We also provide a comprehensive range of elective subjects to cater for students’ diverse interests and learning needs, which open up a number of pathways into further studies and careers:

Key Learning Areas



Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Social & Humanities

Chinese History, Economics, Geography, History


Business Accounting and Financial Studies (BAFS), Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Arts Visual Arts
Physical Physical Education
Mathematics Extended Module 1 (Calculus and Statistics), Extended Module 2 (Algebra and Calculus)

Applied Learning

Aviation Studies, Fashion and Image Design, Film and Video, Interior Design, Practical Psychology,

Most of the elective subjects we offer are based on our prior experiences in the public examinations. Subject teachers with professional knowledge and skills ensure the effective implementation of the curricula. We adopt a flexible time-tabling arrangement to provide students with opportunities to gain access to different elective subjects. In this school year, nearly 100 combinations of elective subjects are offered to students based on their needs and interests. Students are allocated to study different subjects according to their abilities, performances and preferences. We also offer Applied Learning (ApL) Courses to enable students to further develop their potential.

We also provide Physical Education, Aesthetic & Career Education, Religious Studies & Ethics lessons as part of the Other Learning Experiences (OLE) for student personal development. Opportunities to enhance student’s OLE are also provided through special sessions inside and outside the regular class timetable.

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