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"Parents as Primary Educators" is an ideal valued by our Sponsoring Body, and a vision shared by schools with the same inspiration all over the globe. It is stated as our philosophy of education and embedded in our vision and mission:

As Part of Our Vision

"...Our vision calls for greater involvement of parents in the education of their children, through a partnership where the parents also grow and become better parents through parent education, a vision we share with other schools of the same inspiration all over the globe."

As Part of Our Mission

"...We strive to strengthen and unite the family, enabling parents to exercise their duties as primary educators of their children, with the school and the community as their active partners."

With the above spirit, we adhere to the following principles for the successful upbringing of young children, drawn form the valuable experience in schools around the world sharing our philosophy:

•  Parents are the primary educators of their children in their character formation. It is through the effort and good example of parents that children begin to learn about virtues, such as honour, integrity, self-discipline, courage, courtesy, dedicated service, sacrificial love and conscience.

•  As the role model in the education of virtues, parents should practise and promote virtues with their spouse and children, such as sound judgement, responsibility, fortitude, temperance and generosity.

•  Family is the basic cell of society. To foster a society that is just and humane, parents should help to develop family as a wellspring of human virtues.

We understand that the above is a great responsibility for parents and it can only be accomplished through a long-term effort. Hence, we organize parenting seminars and workshops on regular basis for helping parents succeed in the upbringing of their children.