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Parents' Partnership We Treasure

We treasure partnership with parents in the formation of their children. This is a vision valued by our Sponsoring Body, and a mission we share with many other schools of the same inspiration all over the globe.

We strive to strengthen and unite the family, enabling parents to exercise their duties as primary educators of their children, with the school and the community as their active partners. We envision a partnership where the parents also grow and become better parents through parent education.

Multiple Channels

With this spirit, our school offers multiple channels of communication with and participation of parents through the following activities:

ĦE Parent-Teacher Association

ĦE Parents' Day

ĦE Parents' Forum

ĦE Parent Education Programme

ĦE Meeting with tutor

We work closely with the parents through the Parent-Teacher Association, whereby the parents ' elected representatives meet our senior management regularly for caring about the school ' s development.

Most important of all, we provide parent education programme to our parents for assisting them to understand more about their roles as the primary educators of their children. At present, we offer the following programmes to parents:

ĦE Basic Parenting Seminar

ĦE Effective Parenting Workshop