Application for Admission Form
Personal Information Collection Statement

Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Data
Your personal data provided to Tak Sun Secondary School on the Admission Application Form and Scholarships and Grants Application Form includes the following:
(a) Applicant: (1) name (2) age (3) address (4) religion (5) P5 and P6 report cards (6) activity and performance achievements
(b) Parent / Guardians: (1) name (2) contact phone number (3) contact e-mail address and (4) employment (5) office phone number
(c) Siblings: (1) number (2) name (3) age

Personal data collected from applicants and their parents/guardians will be used for the following purposes:
(a) Processing applications for admission and where requested, financial aid.
(b) Evaluating admission to the School and granting of financial aid.
(c) Verifying an applicant’s identity, academic records, school reports, examination results, and financial and other information relating to the applicant and the parents/guardians provided.
(d) Administering and operating the service of the School after admission.

Any personal or financial information you provide will be kept confidential and only handled by the administrative staff of the School General Office.

In the event an application to the School is successful, the personal data (but not the financial information) provided will form part of the applicant’s school record and may be stored in the School database system and online portal. If a financial aid application is successful, the School may retain the financial information for as long as the student is enrolled in the School.

Personal data collected is of two types: (a) required and (b) voluntary. It is not mandatory for an applicant, parents or guardians to provide required personal information for applying for admission to Tak Sun Secondary School. However, if you do not provide required personal information, the School will not be able to process your application. But you do not need to provide voluntary personal information in order to apply and complete the admission process.

Disclosure and Security of Personal Data
Personal data will be kept confidential but may be provided to the following parties for the purposes outlined below:
(a) Any government department, law enforcement agency or other appropriate governmental or regulatory authority of the HKSAR.
(b) Other official educational institutions of the HKSAR (e.g. JUPAS) for verification or reference purposes.

Access to and Correction of Personal Data
Data subjects (e.g. students/applicants and parents/guardians have the right to request access, correction and updating of personal data held by the School. You may also request the School to inform you of the type of personal data held.

Request for access, correction and updating or for other information about your personal data can be made in writing to the School Executive Officer at Tak Sun Secondary School, 27 Ning Tai Road, Ma On Shan, New Territories, Hong Kong. The School may charge a reasonable administrative fee for access to personal data.

Please contact the School Executive Office at the above address if you have any questions about this PICS or if you require further information about the School data protection policy and practices.

 I have read and understood the school’s Personal Information Collection Statement (PICS) in detail and agree to the above arrangement. 本人已經閱讀及了解學校個人資料收集聲明的詳內容並同意以上之安排。