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As psychologists have demonstrated, children grow in stages. Accordingly, learning in school is organized into four levels under two sections: Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary. Each of the four levels has its own characteristics where students receive a specific academic and character formation adapted to their age-group leading them from childhood to young adulthood to be men of virtue with an international outlook.

Junior Secondary Section

Form 1 (Adaptation)

•  Students come from a diverse backgrounds.

•  They will experience adaption to the new environment as they change from primary to secondary education, especially using English as medium of instruction.

•  Upon completion of this level, they are expected to acquire the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to manage their learning and their time.

Form 2 - Form 3 (Fortification)

•  Students have settled in the secondary school learning mode and are consolidating their education through a broad exploration of interests and an in-depth development of abilities.

•  They begin to develop into young adults with a sound character and the necessary study skills that are required for academic advancement.

Senior Secondary Section

Form 4 (Transition)

•  Students will adapt to high school education under the New Senior Secondary (NSS) curriculum. They will take greater responsibility for their learning in the curriculum they have chosen and aspire to excellence in the subjects.

•  Students will strengthen their independent learning skills, particularly those that are needed for public examinations that prepare them for higher education.

•  They will also learn to live as young men with self-mastery practicing the human virtues and developing ability to relate to others in a more mature way.

Form 5 - Form 6 (Self-Direction)

•  Students will make use of the skills, knowledge and values they have learned to search and decide on the direction for their further studies and their careers.

•  They have been formed by the education process in Tak sun and are men of virtue with an international outlook.