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The Activity Week Experience (AWE) Programme is an integral part of the curriculum of our school, with the purpose to provide student with learning experience that go beyond the classroom and campus. Students will have opportunity to learn from direct experience or hands-on activities. We also believe that these learning experiences will broaden students' horizon and inspire them with "awe" in their pursuit for whole-person development.

The AWE programmes are designed and organized under three categories: Overseas, Mainland and Local. These categories echo our mission in forming students in both their academic and personal development aspects under global perspectives.

Participation in the programmes involves students' acquisition of an interdisciplinary array of knowledge, skills and values and the completion of a project. Project learning is a powerful learning and teaching strategy cherished by our school to promote self-directed and self-regulated learning as well as self-reflection. During the learning process, students are also required to use reading as a tool to construct knowledge and using IT for interactive learning and to communicate with students and teachers.

This year, it will be held from 28 January to 1 February 2019. This year sees 25 programmes, including 21 overseas programmes and 4 local programmes.



Updates on AWE Programme 2018-2019
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P01 The Philippines Work Camp

菲律賓關愛之旅 F4 - F5    
P02 Vietnam Voluntary Work

越南關愛義工團 F3 - F5    
P03 Vietnam Work Camp

越南關愛之旅 F2 - F5    
P04 Rangers to Taiwan

流浪到台灣 F1 - F5    
P05 STEAM@Taiwan

台中 STEAM手作團 F1 - F3    
P06 Geography in Taitung and Kaohsiung

台東高雄地理遊 F1 - F5    
P07 Cultural Exploration in Taiwan

民國‧文青 F1 - F5    
P08 STEM@Singapore

STEM@新加坡 F2 - F5    
P09 Singapore Study Tour

新加坡學習之旅 F3 - F5    
P10 Exploring Culture in Singapore

文化共融的新加坡 F1 - F5    
P11 English at Legoland Malaysia

馬來西亞生活及文化之旅 F1 - F5    
P12 Culture Exploration@Malaysia

馬來西亞體驗學習 F1 - F5    
P13 The Cultural Exchange Tour in Northern Thailand

泰國北部文化交流學習之旅 F3 - F5    
P14 Exploring STEM development in Korea

韓國STEM考察之旅 F1 - F5    
P15 Exploring Culture in Busan

釜山文化之旅 F1 -F5    
P16 Japan Voluntary Work, History and Culture Exchange Tour

日本義工、歷史及文化交流之旅 F2 - F5    
P17 Japan Okinawa - Nature and Histor

日本沖繩自然歷史考察之旅 F1 - F5    
P18 The Economic and Geographical Landscapes of Nagoya

名古屋經濟地理考察之旅 F3 - F5    
P19 Shanghai and Japan Tour

洋務運動與明治維新 F3 - F5    
P20 Land of Abundance – Sichuan World Heritage and Ecological

天府之國 – 四川文化遺產及保育之旅 F1 -F3    
P21 Exploring Guangzhou & Macau via High-Speed Rail

廣州、澳門高鐵行 F2 - F4    
P22 Society through the Lens

熱血攝製隊 F1 - F5    
P23 Astronomy and Space Exploration

天文及太空探索 F1 - F3    
P24 STEM League 6D

6D 創科聯盟 F1 - F4    

Arduino car STEM特訓班 F1 - F4  

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